Never too young for a first visit to the Dentist, it is recommended as early as age 1 or 2. Dentists can thus monitor the growth and development of the teeth and jaw from an early age. This will help to prevent and / or stop the bad habits and correcting defects (if any) in order to obtain normal teeth growth in the future.

Other important aspects of the first visit are:

  • * Introduces children to the Dentist in a stress free environment.
  • * Explain the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and oral health.
  • * Explain good diets as well as positive and negative habits and how they
       affect the teeth.

We understand that for some children, going to Dentist is a scary thing, therefore, we are well aware about it and will do approach that creates a peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the child.


Give your children a soft toothbrush
with their favorite characters to build
their brushing habbit.
Teach your beloved ones to start brushing their teeth regularly, twice
a day since early days.
Be there during their teeth brushing time and help them to do it the right way.

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