Shown on above picture, small food leftovers are sometime hidden on the sidelines of a cavity missed to be cleaned during brushing your teeth. This leftovers aided by bacteria secrete enzymes works soften the tooth enamel so that if not treated within a period of time, the cavity will enlarge.

When the cavity is left untreated, it will expand to the inner side of the tooth. This part of the tooth is very sensitive because a nervous system and delicate network of blood vessels are located within. The patient will feel pain when drinking warm-to-hot drinks and a sense of come-and-go pulse pain surrounding the affected tooth. In severe stage, the pain will be felt all the time, especially at night.

If this is the case then the nervous system and blood vessels inside the tooth should be finely pulled, the root canal cleaned and sterilized then followed by appropriate fillings done at the end of treatment. Root canal treatment requires several visits to the Dentist on a regular basis.

At the beginning of the visit, our Dentists will take x-rays film to examine a clear picture of the tooth and root canals position. For root canal treatment under normal root condition, usually can be performed by General Dentist, but in other situations, where the complexity of the root canals are quite high then it will be consulted to and conducted by our Endodontist, drg.Mirza.



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