Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is one of dental specialties that handle cases that include the diagnosis, surgical and related treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving both the functional and esthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws and neck.

Among many cases are done by drg.Hary, our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, one case that quite often happens is to pull out the last molars or wisdom teeth if they growth in abnormal position as pictured.

Wisdom teeth are located at the far end of the mounth, near the jaw and start to come up usually between the ages of 18-35 years. Because the they growth last, the wisdom teeth do not have enough space, causing abnormal growth; oblique, only partially visible crown or transverse / perpendicular in the jaw bone. However not all wisdom teeth growing cause problems, especially those that grow normally.

But in some cases when it cause problems, you will suffer:
1. Sore, red and swollen gums.
2. Gums bleed easily.
3. Swelling around the jaw.
4. Bad breath.
5. Headache.

As for the negative effects caused by a wisdom tooth that grows abnormal but not extracted:
1. It will push teeth next to it causing teeth crowding which require teeth
    wiring known as Orthodontics to fix.
2. Wisdom tooth that grows sideways makes it difficult to brush and cause
    accumulation of food residue and potentially caries.
3. When wisdom tooth with crown only partly out and partly immersed
    inside the gums, food residue sometime tucked between gums and during
    food chewing often rubs the gum and cause gingivitis.
4. Wisdom teeth growing in the jaw cavity causes fluid-filled cysts will potentially
    damage the jaw bone, teeth and nerves. These abnormalities likely require
    removal of tissue and partial jawbone.

Prior to Oral Surgery treatment, it is necessary to take X-ray picture showing all parts of the teeth and jaw, also called Panoramic Photo so the Oral Surgeon can see the position of the teeth and nerves accurately.

The second case is for planting teeth (implants) as described herein. For other cases, please consult our clinic to get further information.



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