If your tooth has cavity, it should be patched or filled to avoid the entry of food leftovers and germs. Leftover food and germs that nest will release enzymes and the chemical effects can soften the tooth and makes cavity on the tooth to enlarge. Cavities that large enough to reach the nerve of the tooth will lead to prolonged tooth pain.

The types of dental fillings can be seen from the material;
* Amalgam, silver colored from the added mercury.
* Fuji, white in color and less natural but contains fluoride preventing tooth    decay.
* Resin Composite, the most popular approach because of the color of natural    teeth.
* Porcelain, strong material and natural color, but the price is quite expensive.

And can also be seen from the way the process;
* Regular filling, for small cavities up to medium.
* Inlay and Onlay, for large cavity, need to make impression first then molded.



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